Indian Law

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There are nine Indian reservations in the state of South Dakota.  All have their own tribal court systems in place.  The nine Indian reservations in South Dakota are the Rosebud Reservation, Lower Brule Reservation, Crow Creek Reservation, Yankton Reservation, Pine Ridge Reservation, Standing Rock Reservation, Cheyenne River Reservation, Flandreau Santee Reservation, and Lake Traverse Reservation. 
How often have you heard this story?  A State agency, usually the Department of Social Services, removes an Indian child from their home and puts them in foster care because the child's parents were allegedly neglecting them, and at some later point the parents’ parental rights are terminated and the child is placed for adoption with a non-Indian family.  This page will explain what ICWA is, how it is applied, and when it should be applied.
South Dakota has a significant Native American community and tribal courts frequenlty decide matters both tribal members and non-Indians. Below are a few helpful resources. South Dakota Tribal Contact Info US Department of the Interior Indian Affairs - Great Plains Region